What creates the foundation for our capacity to thrive in life?


When I ask this question, many people say it’s their intellectual capacity, their critical or creative thinking, or perhaps finding life/work balance, good relationships, eating healthy food, etc. While all of these are really important, I believe the foundation for thriving is in our physiology; the health and proper regulation of our nervous system. 

You can either read this short reflection (#1 of ten) OR you can watch it via a 1-minute video. 

You may be wondering how you find out whether you have this foundation for thriving yourself.

Ask yourself and contemplate:

1. How easily do you recover after highly charged, challenging or conflicting situations/discussion?

2. How quickly do you recover your ease and calm?

3. How soon do you stop your racing mind?

4. How quickly do you get your digestion, good eating habits, and/or your sleep on track? 

5. Or, do you regularly need to reach for a few drinks or food to release stress or tension?


Stay with these questions and reflect.


In the next mini post, I will continue with reflection #2.

With love, Edita