Sleep and brain health

Sleep goes hand in hand with healthy brain.

Do you want to maintain a healthy brain and pride yourself, for years to come, with sharp, clear and focused thinking?

My hunch is, you do.

In order to achieve that, you need to allow your brain to detox.

Did you know that your brain can eliminate toxins only when you sleep?

Based on the research from the University of Rochester Medical Center, we now know that our brains can detox while we sleep. Our brain seems to have its own “plumbing system.” 

The importance of sleep is essential especially if you are a high-performing professional whose actions impact many others.

Thanks to this research we know that when we sleep, our brain cells shrink ” by approximately 60 percent allowing more space in between the cells which allows the brain's own "pumping system" to flush the cerebro-spinal fluid in between the cells, collecting the toxic proteins and send the waste back into our circulatory system; eventually eliminating them through the liver.

During our wake hours, our brain cells "expand" leaving very little room in-between the cells so the detox process cannot happen. 

If we want to be high-performing, deliver value, have sharp and focused thinking, we need to get a good sleep.

What disrupts our sleep?  

There are many reasons.

Some of them include:

  • trapped stress in our body. 
  • poor diet.
  • exposure to our screens (especially in the evening hours). 
  • unprocessed emotions.
  • a poorly regulated nervous system.

How do you ensure you get good quality sleep... and how many hours do you sleep?

Ask yourself and reach out if you have questions.

Enjoy a good sleep and build a healthy brain!

With love,