Coping mechanisms

The other day when my computer prompted me to upgrade its operating system, I was thinking to myself: Wouldn’t it be amazing if I got regular reminders to check in with my human system?

Don’t you wish that, too?

As I mentioned in the previous post and video, I use the metaphor of the "Human Operating System", or HOS, to refer to our nervous system.

I describe it in more detail in my book Awaken Your Inner Leader - Transform Stress, Develop Emotional Mastery and Thrive.

In my book, I dive deeper into the functioning of your HOS and how it influences your:

  • Health (mental/physical/emotional), 
  • Relationships (to yourself and others), and 
  • Self-leadership (your greatest super power), which I firmly believe is the pre-requisite for leadership.

It never fails that when I talk to people, they will typically say: “Okay, I get it. But how do I know there is something “off' with my system?"

My hunch is that you may be asking the same question.

In the previous post/video, I touched on the main physiological signs that may suggest that something could be stuck in your HOS:

  • Sleep issues, digestion/weight issues,
  • Lack of focus due to brain fog or fidgetiness/restlessness, 
  • Reduced capacity of the immune system, illness, hard to explain symptoms, etc.

Today’s post is about another tell-tale sign: You may be relying on coping mechanisms.

You may say, of course, "We all have copying strategies". However, when we habitually resort to a certain behaviour that may not necessarily produce desired long term may be worthwhile exploring this.

We can divide these into:

A. Coping substances:

  • Food - it comes in all varieties: sweets, snacks, bigger portion of meals, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Other substances (drugs, prescription meds).

Interesting fact: Whenever we ingest something through our mouth, there seems to be a corresponding soothing effect. And again, more on this in the book.

When it comes to weight issues, we often focus on diets and exercise. And these are important. However, I believe, the issue may be much deeper- inside our HOS.

B. Coping behaviour:

  • Excessive tuning out through technology - social media, gaming, etc.
  • Excessive exercise or work,
  • Compulsive shopping,
  • Excessive partying,
  • Having frequent partners...

...all as a way to soothe.

I am sure you know at least one person in your life who may rely on some of these coping mechanisms in order to release tension or stress in a short term ...but to suffer negative consequences in the long term.

Stay tuned for my next post diving further into the tell-tale signs that something 
may be off in your HOS. 

I will talk about how we show up in conflicting situations. 

Talk soon!

With love,