Effective leaders

Effective leadersEffective leaders pull teams together.

Do you want to increase your leaders’ focus and creativity?

Do you want your employees experience less stress, better relationships and increased job satisfaction?

Your business will benefit from having stronger and more effective leaders.

Leadership takes work. It takes time and energy. The effects are not always easily measured and they are not always immediate. Leadership is always a commitment to human beings.

~Simon Sinek

Helping your leaders and employees reduce stress, anxiety, excessive thinking, physical tension in their body, and ability to work with their emotions may significantly contribute to improving quality of meetings, decision making, and team communication.

Ultimately, it can make your business more profitable.

Contact me for more information. For more information, visit my Speaking page and download my Speaker sheet for more details on corporate workshops. Alternatively, book a private coaching session.

I want to express how much I benefited from Edita’s mindfulness coaching. I can honestly say that I have experienced noticeable positive change in my life including improved relationships and overall improved decision-making. Please allow me to connect the dots for you to better appreciate the compelling change for the better that can be achieved.

For me, I have already benefited from a heightened awareness of emotions and feelings, and the sense of peace and control achieved from such awareness. The ability to remove the self-imposed limitations on success in all relationships, and experience almost infinite compassion, is a real possibility now.

I can see how achieving greater awareness of body and how emotions and feelings are felt, avails the control over the outcome of these emotions….how they are expressed….the ability to tactfully enforce your boundaries through more thoughtful and appropriate responses… ability to chill…no worries.

The opportunity to change the negative and limiting habitual emotional responses to thoughts and feelings is real. How could a person expect to be the best and happiest they could be without this self-awareness?

Ed Rogers, Burlington, Ontario

“I am a driven entrepreneur who wants to accomplish a lot in life. Needless to say, my life style is often hectic. Applying the concepts introduced in Edita’s e-course, her workshops, and our private coaching sessions truly impacted my personal and professional life.

Edita’s programs are a great reminder of who I become when I am not lost inside my racing thoughts and intense feelings, and how I can achieve a focused mind and improve my relationships; with myself and others.

Efren Castillo, President/CEO at ChangePoint Internet Marketing, Milton, Ontario

Edita is a very caring person who was very excited to help our office relieve some of our stress. The effect that people noticed even from short sessions was unbelievable. Although we only spent 30 minute sessions with her she taught us very beneficial breathing and relaxation techniques that many of us have never had the opportunity to learn or know about before.

Her calm and gentle voice was very relaxing as she introduced us to the power of meditation. Many of our employees expressed that they felt calm, positive, refreshed, open minded, energized and more focussed after a session with Edita. She is very passionate about helping others.

Any other businesses that are thinking about offering this type of service to their employees should sign up right away – the benefits are substantial!

Thanks very much Edita.”

Thrillworks Inc., Burlington, Ontario

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