How Do You Handle Your Fear, Anger or Frustration?

When was the last time you felt anger or frustration?

Have you noticed how powerful your emotions are?

Can you recall a time in your life when you were very worried about the success of your project, or feared that someone you care about will leave? Do you have any experience in going to work only to put a mask on yourself to cover up the heart-ache from feeling unappreciated by someone in your life? And someone may have asked you, “how are you doing?” and you replied, ”great!” only to feel like you are carrying a rock inside your belly or chest.

Strangely enough, although so many people realize the incredible power of emotions, being “emotional” is still often viewed as a weakness. To be honest, I feel we are still a very
emotionally illiterate society, although biologically we are emotional creatures first, and thinking creatures second! I am quite amazed that even today, little boys are still taught that boys don’t cry, they better tough it out. And crying is a “girly” thing. Really?

Imagine the power of a waterfall when there is more than enough water flowing into the stream. Can you imagine the very audible sound of the water, not to mention the incredible power that sweeps everything that’s in it?

Well, if you are like most people, you may have experienced some form of emotional “waterfall” in your life (or maybe even a geyser). Did it sweep you with full force at least once? How did it feel physically in your body?

From the wholeness perspective that I have been exploring for the past few weeks, our emotions are like the equivalent of the water element in our bodies. And one incredible quality of the water is that it finds its way no matter how much you try to block it!

So let me ask you: how good are you at suppressing your emotions? Because suppressing emotions is a very popular thing. You know the moments when you say to yourself: I don’t have time to feel sucky. I am busy. I have a business (or family, or a project) to run. We don’t necessarily suppress emotions just because we want to. It’s just that we are not being taught what we are supposed to do with emotions!

And because our physical body (not unlike the earth) captures the emotions - since water runs both on the surface and through the earth - your emotions are more than real because they are physically “caught” in your body.

In other words, if you want to be great at what you do at work, create meaningful relationships with people in your life, and build a dream that impacts more than just yourself, then don’t ignore the power of your fluid emotional energy.

Befriending your emotions is not only necessary, it’s absolutely crucial to your life’s success! This process will also take you on the journey of exploring every part of you - befriending your thoughts (your air element), and your inner drive and dreams (your fire element).

I feel it’s time that space invited the earth, the water, the fire, and the air for a reunion. That’s why I am inviting you to join me for a wholeness party!

And if you want to learn more about the power of your emotions, tune in to my guest appearance on Mike Michalowicz's podcast on Harnessing the Power of Your Emotions.

With love,