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  • Discover a tool that can ease your stress & anxiety in a matter of moments.
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  • Take control of your mind's inner chatter to free your mind and get focused!

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"I am a driven entrepreneur  who wants to accomplish a lot in life. Needless to say, my life style is often hectic. Applying the concepts introduced in Edita’s e-course, her workshops, and our private coaching sessions truly impacted my personal and professional life. Edita's programs are a great reminder of who I become when I am not lost inside my racing thoughts and intense feelings, and how I can achieve a focused mind and improve my relationships; with myself and others."

Efren Castillo 
Founder of ChangePoint Internet Marketing

"Edita has done a stunning job with her My Wholeness Revolution e-course. While meditation has been a cornerstone of my life for over a decade, I unlocked so many treasures from the program that I utilize in my roles as a speaker, entrepreneur and mom of a toddler. From learning the value of a resilient nervous system, to mindfulness practices for better harnessing my creativity, Edita's unique program is perfect for ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs who want to deepen their contemplative practice, amplify their energy and silence the chatter in their heads."

Alexia Vernon
Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach

I have gone from a place of "trying to stay afloat" to learning ways to be in the moment & better time manage a very hectic work & family schedule.

I really find Edita’s workshops and online courses help keep me on track & continue to guide me during my journey to being a better me."

Andrea Seventikidis
Century 21 Future Realty

Are you ready to claim your inner power?

Experience LESS inner chatter, stress, anxiety, and physical tension, while gaining MORE mental clarity, emotional strength, and better relationships!

Edita Atteck

Edita Atteck is a transformational coach, mentor and speaker living in Burlington, Ontario. She is also the creator of the My Wholeness Revolution Project.

While working with successful entrepreneurs and executives, Edita noticed that quite often they underestimate the damaging effects of stress on their health, relationships, and their leadership abilities. Realizing she could help professionals re-align themselves, she developed her unique coaching program and the My Wholeness Revolution Project.