You are ready for elevated inner power

Welcome to the personal growth incubator that allows you to rewire your inner programming and create new results in your business and life.

Your Inner Power Package is a one of a kind, individualized, VIP coaching package for entrepreneurs:

  • 6 individual private coaching sessions
  • 5 accountability calls in-between private coaching sessions.
  • Personalized support.

Your Inner Power Coaching program is based on the following framework and will guide you to:

  • Connect to your desire and define your version of success
  • Regulate the nervous system, complete stress cycles, and stop your inner saboteur
  • Change your conscious thought patterns and habits
  • Navigate the relationship with your inner critic
  • Reprogram faulty subconscious patterns
  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself (self-compassion and empathy toward self, openness to receive)
  • Change your emotional habits and develop emotional mastery
  • Make new empowering decisions
  • Take bold and imperfect actions

Your Inner Power Coaching - the starter program - will allow you to experience the process, build trust, gain results, and offer you the option to enrol in the full version of the program.

Build an optimized mindset, reinvent your "CEO-persona", remove obstacles to success, and create new results in your business and life.

Pay in full option (save 10%): $3,550 USD + applicable tax

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