Mental and emotional health

The link between mental, emotional and physical health.

I am thrilled to share with you my recent guest podcast interview with Elaine Slatter, the founder of Fabulous Fempreneurship.

We talk about health, emotions, stress and self-leadership, and why they all go hand in hand.

As Elaine summarized our interview on her website, if we get on the right page with our own self-leadership, we can not only have overall better health but we also empower others. Once we appreciate the power of our emotions and what stress really is, we can connect to our inner power and become better parents, partners, leaders, and more compassionate human beings.  

In our conversation, Elaine and I explore how in today’s society we struggle with increased chronic illness, stress, anxiety, a toxic workplace atmosphere, an epidemic of mental health issues in kids, and how our search for quick fixes undermines the path to our well-being.

There are alternative ways, but first, we need to understand how our bodies and minds work together. 

Here is a 9-minute snippet from our discussion. To listen to the full version, click here.

If you want to explore your health, emotions, stress and self-leadership, here is your opportunity. 

As a special bonus, you will also get the opportunity to take advantage of the special offer that is available to Elaine's community. Listen to the podcast here.

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