Words and mindset – part 2

Mindset and words...just how are they connected?

I hope you had fun with my previous blog post on how to playing with words while noticing your inner dialogue. 

Without even realizing it, we are often telling ourselves that we are the victims, instead of the heroes, of our lives.

Here are some other examples of language shifts that will impact your mindset:

Change “I will try,” or “I tried…” to “I will do it,” or “I did it...and this is what I learned from it.”

Change “But…” to “And….” It’s common for people to say something and then say “but….” For example, “I really want to make this happen, but I don’t have the skills right now.” Or, “I love you, but you really drive me mad at times.” The word “but” negates everything that came before it.

Now, make up a sentence saying “and” instead of but.

Does it feel different? What new reflections have arisen?

Let me know how observing your thoughts and language is going and don’t worry when you catch yourself saying the “wrong” word. Celebrate becoming aware of it!

The words you use not only shape your brain, they also shape your relationships with others. And, your relationships with others in turn shape your brain. It’s important to nurture your relationships and you do that through language and communication. You may have heard the famous quote from the motivational speaker Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Choose those five people wisely!

Artful communication applies not only to others, but to ourselves too. After all, we are the listeners of our own inner dialogue. Through skillful communication with ourselves and others, we can reshape all of our relationships – family, friendships and business relationships.

With love,


Excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Personal Transformation.