My life transformation

How does one go from feeling anxious, stressed and uncertain to feeling empowered, loved, and inspired?

Erica is a young woman who enrolled in my personal transformation program on November 28, 2012. This post is dedicated to her sincere and heartfelt recount of her journey while being enrolled in the program.

My name is Erica and this is my story so far.

I made a decision that I no longer wanted to feel and act the way I did. Unfavourable events and people continued to clog my thoughts, and these thoughts and feelings took over my life. I often would observe certain people whom I wished to be like, and wondered why I couldn’t be calm, joyful, and productive, just like they were. I wanted answers. I knew there was much more than how I was living.

I came to Edita with questions and a yearning for some light, for some direction. Some of my questions came in forms of tears, some in forms of attitude and opinions. My mind and body was crammed with frustration. Edita sensed my aching. I assured her I would be committed to her and to myself. And so our journey began.

I remember the first time meeting Edita,  something inside me ‘clicked’. I reflected on this first session, stunned that I had an immediate faith in her, in her presence, in her words, in her movement, in her energy.  I felt secure in her company and I knew from this first session that it was going to be her whom would show me how to seek the answers I longed for and show me my path. I remember crying tears of appreciation and gratitude after the first few weeks into my program. I knew Edita was the one for me. Those cries of gratitude were the best cries I have ever had.

Edita is reassuring in nature. Her guidance is deep and genuine. I trust Edita and when I use her teaching in my every day events, I trust myself more and more. And when I trust myself, I feel no conflict inside. And that is exactly my goal – feeling no conflict. Edita has taught me that everything I desire is within me. And that what I desire is always accessible. I have learned that I have choices. These choices are mine. I can choose my reality. And only I have this power.

When I come to Edita, we talk about any old or new concerns I feel I need guidance with. She explains the options I have in dealing with my concerns, and assures me that I have access to precious tools within. These tools help guide me to exactly where I need to be during such events. Edita also encourages me to stay in contact with her between sessions and bases our sessions depending on what events I have going on that day or week. She respects my pace in this program and this makes me feel precious.

One of the topics Edita covers in this program that has touched me in extraordinary ways is the power of my breath. Something so simple, yet, for me, was so undervalued. I use breathing techniques daily now, and am completely aware of how I am breathing at all times.

Edita coaches me towards maintaining harmony inside myself by explaining the benefits of respecting my body, my posture, my skin, my diet, and my feelings. She showed me that feelings and thoughts are not who I am. Feelings and thoughts will always be present but I must meet them, accept them, and let them flow through me. I no longer let these things stick to me, and live inside me. How empowering it makes me feel to know I can release any emotions I choose!

I am dedicated to Edita’s Transformation Program and I see the benefits daily. It has been an incredible 7 weeks.  I am discovering skills in me where I didn’t dare dip into previously. I have confidence and I am brave. I know I am exactly where I should be. Edita has helped me get on the path that was waiting for me.  I feel re-energized, cherished, softer, creative and I even feel that I inspire others around me – my family and friends have noticed my growth. They are opening their eyes to my new way of living and often ask me how I do it. The most important change I have felt is love for myself. I love myself today! I feel respect for myself. I feel thankful for myself. Loving who you are is the most pleasurable and encouraging feeling to have.

Today it is January 18th 2013, I am a changed woman. I try my best to behave with the intention of Love for myself and others. I am the master of my reality. I am special and I am confident.

Thank you Edita for showing me that when I adjust the lens in which I view my life, I change the way I feel.

Forever grateful to have found Edita. My life, my family, my friends, my everything has changed for the better. I accept everything and everyone as my teachers. Nothing can stop me from achieving my best self. I am in love with my journey. I am dedicated to creating a better version of myself and I am enjoying every step of the way. I am excited for me!

With lots of love and gratitude,