E-Course: My Wholeness Revolution

8-Week Online Program helping you build the enterprise of your well-being

My Wholeness Revolution e-course will support your journey to become who you truly are when you no longer allow fear, stress, anxiety, and endless overthinking to wear you down.

Whether you feel lost and disconnected, suffering with stress and anxiety, or you have already achieved “success” but still feel weighed down by your fears and worries, you will receive perception altering information and actionable tools.

This transformational 8-week online program is open to you if you are seeking wholeness and freedom in your life.



Edita has done a stunning job with her My Wholeness Revolution e-course. While meditation has been a cornerstone of my life for over a decade, I unlocked so many treasures from the program that I utilize in my roles as a a speaker, entrepreneur and mom of a toddler.

From learning the value of a resilient nervous system, to mindfulness practices for better harnessing my creativity, this unique program is perfect for ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs who want to deepen their contemplative practice, amplify their energy and silence the chatter in their heads.

I also appreciate that the membership site is easy to navigate, the videos and audios are beautifully recorded and the worksheets are a great compliment to the other experiential and sensory exercises.

Alexia Vernon, Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer & Media Personality | Las Vegas, Nevada.

I found Edita’s My Wholeness Revolution e-course to be a valuable resource as I pursue the challenge of my personal transformation and wholeness journey.

The course offers support in not only understanding stress and anxiety from an intellectual point of view, but it provides steps to actually change the way I experience life.

Numerous, easy to follow, and short sensory practices supported by relevant information presented in videos have provided the framework for my journey.

With the help of the e-course and Edita’s guidance through private sessions, I now have hope and confidence that this process will change my life.

Andrea Shelenko, Stoney Creek, Ontario

I am forever grateful to have met Edita & learn so many useful tools to guide me through my daily life; whether it be personal or business.

Prior to seeking her guidance I simply reacted to the obstacles & lessons life threw my way; never paying any attention to my emotions & often bottling them deep inside. She has enabled me to look at things from a different perspective; and also to pay attention to my emotions & when my body is sending me messages.

I’ve learned techniques to stay in the present; rather than getting stressed about what “may be” ahead or stuck in what “was behind”. I have gone from a place of “trying to stay afloat” to learning ways to be in the moment & better time manage a very hectic work & family schedule.

Now I try to take a day at a time and realize that my brain & nervous system has been wired a certain way for a very long time and to just be easy on myself when I naturally want to slip back into old thinking patterns. I really find Edita’s workshops, online courses & guided meditations help keep me on track & continue to guide me during my journey to being a better me.

Andrea Seventikidis, Milton, Ontario