From Overthinking, Fear, Stress, Worry… to Wholeness

Imagine that the infinite spaciousness of the universe invited the air, water, fire and earth for a dance.

The gases spread through the space and sang, the earth gently swayed with grace offering a steady rhythm. Drops of water twirled in the most magical patterns, and the fire created the most spectacular fireworks and the drumbeat. And the space watched them all with peace.

Imagine that all of the 50 - 70 trillion cells inside you unite through conscious flow of energy and information, and create the most beautifully choreographed dance that joins the dance of the nature around you. To me, this is what wholeness feels like.

It’s feeling our inner fireworks, allowing and trusting our emotions to flow and deliver the information inside of us, allowing our thoughts to come up with the most brilliant solutions, letting our unique creative expression pour out of us like a waterfall, and celebrating the abundance and wisdom of our physical body. And the icing on the cake is allowing an incredibly peaceful and loving presence inside of us to watch this dance.

Now you may say this sounds great but how does one actually get to feel this inner dance?

It starts with opening up to this possibility, and imagining this dance of wholeness inside you.

Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

That’s why I am asking you to imagine that you can meet your anxiety or fear as a friend that simply delivers an important message. Imagine letting go of mental fog and creating mental clarity. And imagine that your body is your greatest ally that can help you heal from illness and overcome obstacles in life.

Achieving wholeness may take a journey of a thousand steps, but it is within your reach. It all starts with the first step of creating the foundation for your wholeness. It is less about packing yourself with information, and much more about practicing and experiencing the art of wholeness.

That’s why I created a project dear to my heart: the My Wholeness Revolution e-course. It is an 8-week long transformational journey to becoming who you truly are when you no longer allow fear, stress, anxiety, and endless overthinking to wear you down.

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