Are you willing to become who you are meant to be?

Personal Transformation – the main challenge.

Recently, I met a woman who wanted to change her life. As she shared her story with me, she intensely felt there was a lot she wanted to let go of.

Some of these included the pain from her past, unhealthy relationships, lack of confidence, disempowering stories, early signs of chronic imbalances, and feeling stuck.
Her face showed visible signs of tension.

Then she shared with me her dream and her vision. This vision also included her entrepreneurial spirit and deep creative power she held within.

When she considered what the possibility could be, her face lit up like that of a 3-year old seeing the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree ever. She said she never felt so powerful when she imagined who she could be.

Then she decided to think on it.

I met her a few days later. I observed a very different face than I saw previously. Her face showed the signs of fatigue and strain. Even so, she told me the vision she had last time we talked was so incredible, but her life is okay after all. She promised to herself that she will consider changing when she feels "more present".

Essentially, she talked herself out of her dream. Why? Because she allowed her intellect to find reasons and justify why things are okay the way they are.

Why is change so hard?

Why do so many attempts to make change, create a major personal transformation, and new-year resolutions fail?

Because our greatest need and instinct is to experience the familiar.

Change is scary even if the promise is life changing.

So my challenge to you is to dare to become who you are meant to be.

To me, freedom is not doing anything we please. Freedom is KNOWING and BE-ing who we truly ARE, and what our mission on the earth is, and walking our path boldly.

Are you willing to be non-negotiable in knowing and becoming who you truly are? 

Are you willing to change for life?

With gratitude and love,