What is your personality type?

Have you been curious about your personality type?

Do you sometimes even wonder if you are perhaps stuck with a certain type of personality?

Have you asked yourself why are you the way you are? Perhaps you have taken numerous personality tests to find out more about yourself because you want to change your patterns of behaviour or improve your relationships.

In this article, I am offering you examining your personality type in a different light.

First, I have a few questions that I want you to ask yourself.  Please answer honestly. Imagine for a moment that you encounter a somewhat stressful conversation or situation.

What is your habitual way to respond?


  • Do you tend to raise your voice and maybe even become a bit of a bully? Do you become defensive and ready to prove the other person wrong? Do you feel like you need to win most or all arguments?


  • Do you do your best to avoid any confrontation so you leave the situation as soon as possible or pretend you have something else to do?


  • Do you tend to feel blank inside and rather pretend this is not even happening? Later on you may not even remember the incident or simply brush it off as irrelevant.


  • Or do you have all of these tendencies in different situations?

personality type
Now, another question.

What are the physical symptoms that you experience most often?

a) agitation, restlessness, feeling edgy/hyperactive, anxiety, panic attacks, digestive unease

b) fatigue/lethargy, chronic pain or illness, withdrawal, depression, weight issues,  inability to focus

c) cycling between a) and b)

The truth is that our tendencies and our symptoms happen for a reason.

Although we are often told that we have certain types of “personalities”, I believe that we unconsciously create patterns and memories in our bodies from our early childhood, and these often become our default way of functioning.

Bringing awareness to these patterns is essential so that we understand what’s happening deep inside us.  These default patterns of functioning may also shed light as to why we may struggle with certain physical symptoms, pains, or even weight issues, relationship issues, etc., and how we find our way of freeing ourselves.

Personality tests and labeling ourselves are one thing. Understanding ourselves in relationship to our environment, cultural background, emotional connection, people in our lives from our earliest moments of existence, may offer a whole new perspective.

Trust the process of your growth, transformation, and your capacity to rewire the old pathways in your body.

The most important step is the awareness of where you are today and compassion toward yourself.

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With love,