Self-leadership and emotions

Self-leadership and your capacity to change your emotional state go hand in hand.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to releasing FRUSTRATION, anger, disappointment, and shifting back into INSPIRATION, initiative, and determination?

Recently, I shared a simple yet powerful SELF-LEADERSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK on my social media platforms. I introduced the acronym BDE.




This acronym represents 3 simple things that business owners and leaders can incorporate into their routines.

BREAK: Take a regular break after 45-minutes of intense or focused work. Loosen up and deepen your breath.

DELEGATE: Delegate work that someone else can do faster and better than you.

EMPOWER: Empower your team (or your family members) with your words and your emotional state.

The first 2 tips seemed fairly straightforward, however, the 3rd one triggered questions.

How does one shift or create a certain emotional state?

Your awareness and ability to shift your emotional state is one of your HUMAN SUPERPOWERS; have no doubt about that.


POWERFUL LEADERS ARE POWERFUL WITHIN, FIRST. Access to your inner power gives you the key to alter your emotional state. Watch the 5-minute video to get a better understanding.

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