Horses are incredible teachers and they certainly can teach us about our inner world and self-leadership.  

I am not a rider and don’t really have much prior experience with horses. But, recently, I visited an equestrian centre that focuses on communication skills.

I was asked to choose one of the four horses. Instinctively, I felt drawn to the mare and the leader of the herd. No doubt, she was the most powerful in the herd.

I didn’t ride her.

I worked on letting her feel me and assess my energy, I allowed myself to be very present for what I felt when around her, felt her presence, and slowly built trust.

After a while, Nora was walking peacefully by my side while I guided her through obstacles and challenges that represented the challenges in my work projects. The shifts that I observed in myself were almost indescribable in words. 

I felt a deep inner strength and a connection between us. We were communicating with our bodies, through intentions I was creating, and there came a point when I knew that Nora allowed me to lead.

What Nora re-affirmed to me that leadership is truly about who we are being, first.

Our final trust building experience was letting Nora eat from a bowl sitting in my lap with my hands inside the bowl.  

We are on our way to feel trust and build a bond.