The Art of Resilience Workshop

The Art of Resilience

The Art of Broken Pieces – Kintsugi


Things sometimes fall apart…but when we put them back together, they can be more meaningful than before.


The Japanese art called Kintsugi is based on the belief that objects are more beautiful after they’ve been golden repaired. The process of putting an object back together and then looking at it again with the golden cracks, creates a new, deeper meaning.

I love this metaphor for many reasons because it also applies to us, humans. It applies to our bodies, to our relationships, to our beliefs, and it reminds me of the power of resilience.

A broken piece often carries a story. And so do we.

When life throws challenges at us, our hearts can get “broken”. Some breaks hurt more than others. And when we share our stories, heal our nervous system, and transform, we become stronger and more meaningful than we were before.

In this workshop, we will embrace the flaws in our objects and in ourselves, and experience the freedom of repairing the cracks.

This is the birthplace of resilience.


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We will create and transform our objects, connect with each other, practice body awareness and experience transformation inside us, visualize, embrace our imperfections, and discuss what resilience means to us.

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Here are some of the pieces created during the workshop.