The stress response and the stress cycle

The stress response and why it matters

Are you often assuming that only if you resolve the external circumstances that are causing you stress and tension, you're going to be stress-free?

You know, many of us deal with stressful circumstances such as deadlines, rush hour traffic, needing to do all of our house chores, waiting for that promotion, or saving for a vacation. We often assume that only if that what is happening on the outside - what triggers our stress - is going to be resolved, we can eliminate stress and live with more balance. 

Now, it is true that sometimes we need to resolve some very unsafe situations or very toxic relationships. But for many of us, the external factors that cause stress don't necessarily need to end in order for us to complete the stress response inside our body.

The stress trigger vs. stress in the body

I really want to separate between those two.

Because very often the assumption is that only if XY will happen or XY will not happen, that’s when I can be stress-free. I want you to really consider that stress is not actually happening in the external world, something which cannot be controlled. What you can control is what's happening inside your body.

There is such a thing as a stress cycle, and when you have the capacity and the practice to complete the cycle inside you, you can actually be more balanced and not feel stressed even when many of those external circumstances still exist. Truthfully, if we only wait for the external circumstances to go away and be resolved, we can sometimes wait literally for years.

So, having said all of this, I also want you to be aware that sometimes completing the stress response inside your body can be tricky, especially if your system has been “jammed”. And that can happen sometimes early in childhood or through repetitive circumstances or situations when the actual stress response itself is not free and that oscillation pattern cannot flow smoothly.

Then that's when you, my high-performing professional, want to reach out for help because someone who is really knowledgeable and experienced in working at the level of the body will be able to help you process that stress and still be present with the external circumstances that have not been resolved as yet.

As long as you remember to separate between what the external stressor is and the stress you experience inside you, then you will be able to be in charge of what matters the most. And that is the COMPLETION of the stress response inside your body.

I get much deeper into the topic on the entire stress response and the stress cycle’s completion in my book Awaken Your Inner Leader: Transform Stress, Develop Emotional Mastery and Thrive.

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