What driving your car can teach you about your wear and tear

Imagine driving your car with one foot on the gas pedal and the other foot on the break pedal.

Now, imagine that you drive your car like this every single day.

And you drive pretty much all day long.

You fill your car with good gasoline and take it for checkups with your mechanic time to time. After a while, your mechanic tells you that there are some issues with the car, some wear and tear. He offers fixes.

These fixes include a new, very high octane gasoline that helps your car become more efficient. Additionally, he will inject some chemicals into the engine's oil to further improve efficiency. The mechanic may even replace some of the worn parts.

But he never tells you, please don't ever drive again with both feet on the gas and break at the same time! Or at the very least, notice when you are pressing the gas and when you are pressing the brake, and know why.

Now imagine your body is your car.

You keep pressing your accelerator (part of your nervous system that helps you rev up energy) and your break pedal at the same time (part of your nervous system that conserves energy) without even knowing it because no one ever taught you how to notice it.

You eat well, you go for your annual checkups, you take supplements, go for a regular massage, and maybe even see several alternative health care practitioners.

Yet, you may struggle with health issues, weight issues, sleep issues, fatigue, and/or brain fog. Or you may have relationships struggles, outbursts of energy or waves of anxiety. At times, you may find people are irritating to you, and you don't have the level of patience you would like with people at work or at home. You may find relief in wine or beer, chocolate cake, or hours of TV, computers, shopping... or anything else that numbs you inside.

We all need to learn how to allow our body to work efficiently so it can use its energy when needed, give us clarity of thought, and it can conserve energy when we need to rest and heal.

The first step in the process is education and awareness. How can we change something when we are not aware of it?

Do you have questions? Please send them to me! Starting the conversation is the beginning of our learning.

Here is to unlocking your best and most efficient self!

With love,