How your words change your mindset

Change your words to change your mindset

Science tells us that languages shape our brains.

Different languages spoken around the world contributed to how we perceive the world, orient in the environment, related to one another, and so on. Now, consider - the words that you use on a daily basis - contribute to shaping YOUR brain.

One of the simplest ways to practice mindset shifts and also shape your brain is by changing your language. Through your choice of words you can change your perception, your relationship to yourself or others, and/or your relationship to your environment

Notice how often you say these phrases:


I realize that you are completely well-intentioned when you say them.

Yet, do you feel like you are in charge of your life — do you feel empowered — when you “have to” do something or “cannot do” something?

Next time you notice yourself saying either of these statements, pause, and replace “I cannot” with “I will not…” or “I choose not to….”

Does that feel different?

You may say to yourself that the end result is the same. Yet, I challenge you to play this “word game” for a while.

And next time you notice yourself saying, or wanting to say, “I have to…,” pause and rephrase the sentence to “I will…” or “I am choosing to….”

Enjoy shifting your mindset by unpacking your language and using this rephrasing technique. Keep reshaping your brain — and your entire nervous system — into who you want to be.

Enjoy replacing these phrases and keep reshaping your brain and your nervous system. Step out of the victim mentality and into the hero mentality.

With love,

Excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Personal Transformation.