The 7 Biggest Mistakes that people make when they start on the path of personal transformation.


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Who is Edita Atteck?

Edita Atteck

Coach | Speaker | Author

Edita Atteck is a coach, speaker and author and she specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders around the world to claim their inner power by guiding them to:

  • relieve stress and prevent burnout
  • optimize their mindset
  • maximize every aspect of their resilience, health and the health of their relationships
  • help them gain ultimate clarity on what they want next.

Edita is the author of Awaken Your Inner Leader: Transform Stress, Develop Emotional Mastery and Thrive.

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"In this busy and harried world it is difficult to locate and embrace our inner wisdom and support. Edita Atteck’s book helps the overburdened professional do just that—to find the aware and confident guide within."

- Gabor Maté M.D. | Author, When The Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress

A comprehensive guide full of experiential exercises, Awaken Your Inner Leader is the book you want to have by your side to help you overcome stress, develop emotional mastery and create deeper and more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.

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