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Edita Atteck - CEO coach for women entrepreneurs.

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs around the world to claim their inner power by guiding them to optimize their mindset, effectively work with stress, improve every aspect of their health and the health of their relationships (and in the process reduce their biological age), deepen their resilience, balance work/life, and... ultimately help them create an IDENTITY that matches the outcome they want to achieve in their business and life.

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Although gaining two academic degrees (law and political science/history), I always knew that I had a different purpose in life. Since my teen years, after being involved in a massive accident, I was interested in the connection between the body and mind, my capacity for resilience, and for creating my future identity. 

I kept asking questions: What makes us humans thrive? What breaks us down? What helps us live our purpose?

One of my main goals was to stop overthinking, let go of limiting beliefs, stress and anxiety, and create a solid foundation for thriving in my life and my business.

I became determined to live and breathe what success really meant to me: living my truth and becoming who I really wanted to be.

I knew deep inside that achieving this would not only transform my life, but would lead me on an incredible journey. And it has.

What is the point of going through the journey of life without feeling meaning, freedom, and your inner power?

Watch my September 2018 Halton TV interview where I introduced my newly published book Awaken Your Inner Leader. 

I developed an extensive personal awareness, visualization, and mindfulness practice. Some of my earliest influencers were Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Dr. Marty Rossman. 

The work of Dr. Peter Levine reinforced what I intuitively felt about the importance of healing and regulating our nervous system (which I refer to as the Human Operating System - more on this in my book) from not only major stresses but from the many "mini" repetitive or chronic stresses we experience in our daily lives.


After leaving my corporate job as a credit analyst for a large non-bank institution, and started a new path; sharing my passion for inner growth, and personal transformation with entrepreneurs. Leaving everything behind and starting from scratch wasn’t easy, but it was the most liberating experience of my life. I realized that I can become who I want to be as a parent, partner, and a business owner, as an influencer and a change agent.

I've been continuously investing in my training and personal growth through adding Neuro-Linguistic Programming to my training, Business Mastery program, and Martha Beck’s life coach training program among others. 

I continue deepening my experience and study the work of leaders in the field of nervous system research, emotions, as well as business. My philosophy and work were greatly influenced by the works of Dr. Norman Doidge, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Kelly Roach, among others.

life coach Burlington

Edita Atteck | Life Coach | Speaker 

My vision is to support a new generation of women CEOs.

Being a leader is a privilege, not a right. We earn that privilege not only with our credentials and experience, but also by doing deep personal work.

Now it's your turn.

Do you want to start rewiring for success from the inside out?

Edita Atteck - life coaching for executives

I work with a small number of women CEOs through my private coaching sessions. I am available in person or virtually through my online chatroom. 

If you are interested in hiring me to speak at your event, you can visit my Speaking page or simply Contact me.

I believe it is our birthright to experience our inner power.

Our world needs new leaders who can step into their presence and impact those around them. Are you willing to be one of them?

My core beliefs and quirks:
  • Honesty and a well regulated nervous system are the key to living with integrity.
  • Life without empathy is like an empty riverbank.
  • I am fascinated by the mysteries of nature and life.
  • I love to watch the clouds in the sky.
  • I deeply admire soulful creative expression.

I believe the finest art of all is stepping into the journey of conscious and creative living.

I was recommended to Edita through a close friend of mine. I was at a defining fork in my career and moving at a pace that had found me in a health crisis. Edita coached me through some of the biggest decisions of my professional career in the time that I worked with her. Her practice is as powerful as it is enlightening – skillfully bringing you to this place of clarity, awareness and attunement.

By the end of Edita’s program I was back on purpose, with loads of energy and feeling empowered to do what I knew needed to be done. Edita practices for results, but there is a caring and compassion to her nature that makes all the difference. I enjoyed her program immensely and like I always tell her, she should be sharing her message with the world – not just with the few of us lucky ones! The world can benefit with more of Edita.

Kira Day , Toronto, Ontario