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Journey Within 

Journey Within is a deeply relaxing guided meditation and visualization accompanied by a breathtakingly peaceful background music that will support you whether you want to reduce stress, anxiety, tension, or you need a guided meditation to help you sleep. 

Length: 36:35 Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
PREVIEW:  Journey Within preview 3 min

Guided meditation sleep

Journey Within mp3 version

Price: $18 + HST


I don’t endorse anything I don’t love– and I LOVE Journey Within. But be warned. You WILL get so relaxed you’ll probably fall into a deep, restful sleep and then not give a darn about your to-do list.

Erika Lyremark, Author & Creator of The Glamorous Business Guidance

Breathe into Freedom

Guided meditation

Breathe into Freedom mp3 Version – Use your breath to relax and awaken freedom inside you.

Length: 14:33   Preview

Price: $12 + HST


Believing in Myself

Guided meditation

Believing in Myself mp3 Version – Use whenever you need a reminder to trust yourself.

Length: 10:06   Preview

Price: $12 + HST


Riding the Wave of Intense Emotions

Guided meditation

Riding the Wave of Intense Emotions mp3 Version – Use when you need help dealing with more challenging feelings.

Length: 11:36 Preview

Price: $12 + HST





Meditation e-course

Awakening E-course. 30-day online mini-course delivered via short e-mails and with six guided recordings. This is an excellent way to start your own awareness practice and take a mini vacation no matter where you are.

Price: $63+ HST



My Wholeness Revolution

My Wholeness Revolution E-course. Transformational 8-week online program that helps you set the foundation of your well-being.

Course details are here.





I have truly enjoyed the Awakening e-course! It was extremely nicely organized. Flow of the emails was perfect as it gave me enough time to process information.

I do still religiously listen to the Mind and Body Connection recording every morning. The Breathing recording is the one that I also very often go back to, especially if I have problem falling asleep.
I also enjoy re-reading your emails – they are small reminders that I need to take time for myself. Also every time I read them, it is almost as if they are sinking in more.
I will very much look forward to the second course! Overall my experience with you and your program has been amazing. I’m truly thankful and so happy that I found you.

Maja Colic, Burlington, Ontario

The Awakening program’s recordings are beautifully done. I am grateful to have met you and been exposed to the quality of your work. At bedtime every evening I listen to a recording; my mind gets calmed down after only a couple of minutes. There is no doubt I will be making use of these well into the future.

– Tracy William Mckim, Burlington, Ontario

I truly enjoyed your e-course. The daily emails were an excellent wake up/reminder that helped me start my day. The program also provides busy people with specific suggestions to calm the mind and take their focus back to the body. It gives you the skills and motivates you for 30 days so that you can incorporate it into your daily routine. The recordings are a wonderful resource that I will take with me to use again in the future.

My journey to healing benefitted greatly from this program. No matter how busy we may become, taking 15 minutes for ourselves needs to become a priority. This e-course gives every person (no matter what their location) an opportunity to learn from you.

I highly recommend it to anyone!!!

Kristen McIntyre, Oakville, Ontario

After a bout of Shingles at the age of 36, I knew I had to find a way to deal with my stress. I was burning the candle at both ends, and needed to figure out how to cope. I decided to try meditation. I tried CDs from the library, and although I knew I was on the right track, I knew I needed something more. I found everything that I needed and more in my classes with Edita. Her meditation classes have helped me to be present in my life, and have helped me to figure out what is important in my life. Meditation is the vehicle to a better life and Edita provides the best directions. In my day to day life I repeat to myself the wisdom that Edita has taught me in her classes. I am so lucky to have found Edita, and so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be a part of her meditation classes.

Claire Broome, Oakville, Ontario

I came across this note and it made me cry. I think about you when I read it. I have it saved. Thank you Edita!

“The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.”

Erica Nunes, Burlington, Ontario

I had to write and tell you that while I’m away on my business trip, I’ve been listening to your CDs on a daily basis and just loving them. The music and your voice are so soothing! I feel amazing!

Darlene Preville, Burlington, Ontario

Edita is a very kind & loving person who is very passionate about helping others. She has inspired me to get to the root of my emotions & really “feel” them. She has given me tools to be more aware of what is causing me stress & anxiety; and how to find my way through to the other side. I am starting to look at life & its ups & downs from a different mindset and that’s very empowering! I have tried a number of different specialists over the last couple of years to get to the bottom of my physical & emotional challenges but I have found by far the best results with Edita. Her follow up, encouragement and devotion to my health & happiness have made the world of difference. I look forward to seeing her each week!

Andrea Seventikidis, Milton, Ontario

I feel an instant release of any tension listening to your inspiring intro at each class – always the perfect segway as you begin to guide me through my meditation. Thanks to you it is the one place, I place no judgment upon myself as you have taught me that every practice is exactly as it is meant to be. My gratitude extends far beyond the immediate sessions. Thank you Edita!

Siobhan Breton, Oakville, Ontario

My life changed drastically 2 years ago. Since then I have been extremely stressed, anxious and unhappy a lot of the time. Since meeting Edita, a couple of months ago, her calming demeanor, kindness and true dedication to her skills are very evident. Edita really believes in what she does, she genuinely cares about people and their struggles. The experiences I have been introduced to…how to quieten the mind, breathing techniques, learning to focus on the moment and especially to take time for myself, have already made a great difference in my life. With the guidance and care I have been shown, I now have some tools to help me experience calmness and peacefulness regularly. Thank you Edita for who you are and what you do.

Beryl Cooper, Burlington, Ontario

The beginning of your session yesterday will resonate with me forever. You spoke about how one can become stuck in the flight or fight mode losing all connection with innate ability to trust and just accept their current situation. For over a year, I remained in that state fighting my body, losing sleep and eventually I slipped into depression. Finally, I am beginning to realize that I wasn’t broken and I am slowly beginning to find my way home. I still have moments where my thoughts turn negative, I struggle with sleep, and my anxiety comes back. However, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and with your words I can turn back toward my authentic self.

Thank you for helping me and guiding me through this incredible journey called LIFE.

Kristen McIntyre, Oakville, Ontario

Once again I just want to tell you I am amazed at the peace meditation gives me and thank you for that.

Brenda Clarke, Lynden, Ontario

I love your CD!!! You did an amazing job on it and your voice is so soothing. I think I will listen to it many times.

Jennifer Song, Burlington, Ontario