Your Human Operating System
Did you realize that, just like your computer, you have an "operating system" built into you? As you may already[...]
The path to personal growth
The 7 biggest mistakes that people make when they start on the path of personal transformation.Have you tried self-improvement strategies,[...]
What are your boundaries?
How often have you heard about the importance of setting your boundaries?The word boundary refers to delineating a specific area. Thus,[...]
Horses are incredible teachers and they certainly can teach us about our inner world and self-leadership.  I am not a[...]
Figure things out
Birds and squirrels can teach how to figure things out. After getting fed up with chipmunks and squirrels occupying the[...]
Feeling frustration in the projects of our lives
Feeling frustration is part of many projects in our lives. What do you do when things don't go as smoothly[...]
Words and mindset – part 2
Mindset and words...just how are they connected? I hope you had fun with my previous blog post on how to[...]
How your words change your mindset
Change your words to change your mindsetScience tells us that languages shape our brains.Different languages spoken around the world contributed[...]
Our reflections and thriving are related
What creates the foundation for thriving in life??When I ask this question, many people say it's their intellectual capacity, their[...]
Small, turtle steps can pay off in a big way
Small, turtle steps can lead to powerful journeys.Sometimes we need to take a leap into the unknown; or take a[...]
Self-leadership matters
In today's post, I am inviting you to reflect on self-leadership. What does it mean to you? Although we often[...]
Your brain is changing right now
Your brain is changing. Are you in charge of how it is changing?In the previous blog post, I talked about the[...]
Challenging emotions
How do you handle challenging emotions? We live in the world of emotional intelligence. Words like vulnerability, empathy, and emotions have exploded[...]
9 tips to finding solutions to problems
Albert Einstein said: If I had an hour to solve a problemI’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and[...]
Success and the comfort zone
Success Happens Outside of Our Comfort Zone.You may have heard the saying before. Doesn't it sound counterintuitive? Why wouldn't success (and[...]
Goal setting. Intention setting. New year’s resolutions.
Have you tried goal setting and intention setting practices in the past?My guess is you have.  Have they worked for[...]
Can meditation and mindfulness work against you?
Mindfulness and meditation are huge buzzword these days.Admittedly, I use these phrases myself in my written and spoken communication about[...]
Why unlearning is harder than learning
Have you happened to notice that unlearning your habitual behavioural patterns (especially the self-defeating ones) is harder than you anticipated?There[...]

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