Transform Stress, Develop Emotional Mastery and Thrive

Awaken Your Inner Leader Seminar

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Are you a busy professional who achieved a lot of external “success”?

Yet, deep inside you know there are things that hold you back.

Have you tried self-improvement strategies, personal growth tools, stress relief hacks, new diets, fitness regimes, or personal transformation tools, all in an attempt to reach a point where you feel you are living up to your true potential?

Do you recognize any of the issues listed below?

  • Excessive thinking to the point that you have difficulties sleeping (or you wake up in the middle of the night and thinking continues).
  • Often feeling tension your body (neck, shoulders, back, digestive unease, etc.).
  • Beginning to show signs of fatigue, lethargy, sleep issues, OR feeling hyperactive, anxious, edgy, or difficult to unwind.
  • Check Circle
    A deep desire for personal growth, self-leadership, resilience, and improved relationships

If you answered yes to at least one of these points, 

I invite you to join my seminar to help you:

  • Explore your "human operating system" and the most important elements of resilience.
  • Check Circle
    Appreciate the connection between your emotional, mental and physical health.
  • Understand how trapped stress contributes to chronic illness, emotional eating, various coping mechanisms like food, alcohol, etc.).
  • Recognize how your "operating system" impacts your relationships (including your leadership skills & parenting style).
  • Understand what influences your “personality” especially when you face conflict and why building trust is essential in your personal and professional life. 

Are you ready to claim your inner power?


This seminar will cover the basics of our stress response, nervous system health, and how the role of self-awareness fits in. You will understand what triggers emotions, anxiety, why we search for coping mechanisms like food or alcohol or excessive work or time spent on social media, etc. You will also explore the main elements of your confidence.


You will walk away with an appreciation how this information can help you understand stress and make you a much more effective leader in life.

What People Are Saying...


Edita demonstrated an in-depth level of knowledge

"I met Edita when she was hired to present a workshop for our Cogeco Women’s Network on the topic of enlightenment about self-leadership and management of stress. She was lively and enthusiastic and demonstrated an in-depth level of knowledge.

Topics covered included stress that is trapped within our bodies and how important it is to our well-being to release it, as well as how to recognize wired negative behaviour, and how to then further develop our emotional intelligence."

Glenda Lloyd, Manager Communications & Community Relations, Cogeco Connexions, Burlington, Ontario


"Edita Atteck delivered incredible insights into self-leadership, stress, and emotional and mental health challenges facing today's professionals with  integrity, clarity, and deep care."

Ewa Wegier, Program Director at ARMA International, Toronto Chapter

AN unadulterated introduction to the first powerful steps of awareness and body connection

"Edita’s workshop was extremely eye-opening. I have been engaged in personal development and wellness practices for over 13 years and I learned things about my physiology and how the functioning of my nervous system contributes to my overall well-being that I had never heard before. Not only did I better understand myself by the end of the session, I better understood the people in my life, as well. I came away with a deeper compassion for myself and for my family members, my friends and the people I work with.

What I especially loved about Edita’s workshop is that it was thorough and honest. Edita presented scientific and invaluable information in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. I appreciated her honesty about there not being a “quick fix” and the process looking different for everyone. Her workshop was an unadulterated introduction to the first powerful steps of awareness and body connection along the journey.

In addition to the rich and important information Edita shared in her workshop, she was professional, warm and inviting and created an atmosphere for sharing insights and personal stories.

I would highly recommend Edita’s workshops, and really, working with Edita in any capacity. The combination of scientific expertise, integrity, generosity and deep care and compassion that she possesses is a rare treasure."

Joanna Guerriere, Chief Creative Architect, Publishing Company Toronto, Ontario