What People Are Saying

Client interviews.

“ Edita is a tremendous CEO coach who brings insights beyond what you would read in a book, listen to in a podcast, or hear through your advisors.

She has grown to be one of the most trusted individuals in my life, whom I share my biggest dreams and deepest fears. She has taught me how to compartmentalize each experience and decompose them to actionable insights I can use to grow my business, while staying mindful of the ultimate goals I wish to achieve in my future.

If you are seeking to grow to that next level, add balance to your life or have another sounding board outside your day-to-day business, I recommend reaching out to Edita."

- Michelle Winsor
Founder and CEO at Accelera Ecosystem 

“ I started working with my CEO coach Edita in Jan 2020, I started my own business Finavator 6 months earlier. It wasn’t an easy decision to spend money on myself but I am so happy I did.

Over the last 11 months my business has doubled and so has my confidence. Proud to share that I joined my first board, wrote my first payments article, hired incredible Finavator employees as well as signed a US and Canadian Bank as clients.

Edita's guidance is priceless as it encourages me to reach for the stars weekly which helps me push myself to make a difference in the world.

Michelle Beyo

- Michelle Beyo
CEO at Finavator

- Cristina Cala

CEO at Why Women Project

“I am a driven entrepreneur who wants to accomplish a lot in life. Needless to say, my life style is often hectic. Applying the concepts introduced in Edita’s e-course, her workshops, and our private coaching sessions truly impacted my personal and professional life.

Edita’s programs are a great reminder of who I become when I am not lost inside my racing thoughts and intense feelings, and how I can achieve a focused mind and improve my relationships; with myself and others. ”

- Efren Castillo
President |  CEO at ChangePoint Internet Marketing


“Words that come to mind when I think of Edita and her work include: genuine, skilled, committed and honest. These are all crucial gifts that she brings to her interactions, and certainly ones that she shared with me during my coaching sessions.”

- Dr. Ed Hughes
MB ChB MSc FRCS(C) |  Professor Emeritus, McMaster University


"When you come across another human being that alters your entire thought process, it’s truly an awe-inspiring experience. This is the gift that Edita gave to me.

She helped me unleash my soul, which took me on a journey of healing. I’ve recaptured a zest for life that I never thought possible.

After many years of self-neglect, I’m finally in control of my body. Thank you Edita. "

- Shawn Greene |Burlington, Ontario

"I am forever grateful to have met Edita & learn so many useful tools to guide me through my daily life; whether it be personal or business.

Prior to seeking her guidance I simply reacted to the obstacles & lessons life threw my way; never paying any attention to my emotions & often bottling them deep inside. She has enabled me to look at things from a different perspective; and also to pay attention to my emotions & when my body is sending me messages.

I’ve learned techniques to stay in the present; rather than getting stressed about what “may be” ahead or stuck in what “was behind”. I have gone from a place of “trying to stay afloat” to learning ways to be in the moment & better time manage a very hectic work & family schedule.

Now I try to take a day at a time and realize that my brain & nervous system has been wired a certain way for a very long time and to just be easy on myself when I naturally want to slip back into old thinking patterns. I really find Edita’s workshops, online courses & guided practices help keep me on track & continue to guide me during my journey to being a better me."

- Andrea Seventikidis | Realtor and Professional Home Stager

"I was recommended to Edita through a close friend of mine. I was at a defining fork in my career and moving at a pace that had found me in a health crisis. Edita coached me through some of the biggest decisions of my professional career in the time that I worked with her. Her practice is as powerful as it is enlightening – skillfully bringing you to this place of clarity, awareness and attunement.

By the end of Edita’s program I was back on purpose, with loads of energy and feeling empowered to do what I knew needed to be done. Edita practices for results, but there is a caring and compassion to her nature that makes all the difference. I enjoyed her program immensely and like I always tell her, she should be sharing her message with the world – not just with the few of us lucky ones! The world can benefit with more of Edita."

- Kira Day | Founder at The Passion Centre, Toronto, Ontario

"When I first contacted Edita, my goal was to learn to meditate, and my hope was that meditation would help me slow down and rediscover the simple pleasures in life. My actual experience has exceeded my initial expectations.

After an exploratory meeting, I joined the weekly classes and also invested in private sessions. During this journey of self-discovery, I have completed the ‘My Wholeness Revolution’ e-course, used the guided practices, and have attended group classes and workshops. Edita is a warm and caring individual, and she has provided me with an exceptional level of support and guidance.

The greatest gifts have been a renewed sense of well-being, and peace of mind. Clearing the noise has allowed me to live in the moment. Edita continues to challenge me, in a caring and respectful manner. And the transformation in me has changed the way people respond to me, in a way I could not have imagined.

I highly recommend Edita. She is a talented, genuine, supportive teacher who is making the world a better place, one student at a time."

- Marianne Morton | Burlington, Ontario


“Like a fish to water! This is the best way I can describe my experience of taking Edita’s classes and workshops. This was not what I was expecting. After some time of being quietly intrigued with the idea of learning to quiet my mind, I did some research and fortunately found Edita Atteck.

I began taking her group sessions several months ago and the experience has been nothing short of profound. It is, like anything else, a practice which takes time to develop the skills. The group is a supportive and welcome place to gather. The learning has been exceptional; I credit Edita with her vast knowledge of the body’s response to stress from a physiological standpoint.

In addition, I attended Edita’s workshops on the body’s response to stress and illness, and found it very informative and transformati
ve. I have introduced 2 other family members to Edita and do not hesitate to refer her to others.

Thank you Edita, I am very happy to have you in my life!

Krista Wright | Recruiting Concepts, Burlington, Ontario


My greatest gifts and takeaways from my accountability partnership with Edita over the last couple of years include:

I gave myself the permission to honestly tell someone what I really feel without worrying about repercussions or fear of confrontation. I feel empowered to be myself. I now share my feelings and my truth sincerely from a place of love and peace.

Edita has helped me create balance and boundaries in my life. She helped me realize how easily I can get unstuck from my worries about what someone else may be thinking. Instead, I learnt to take full responsibility for what I feel and think, while being empathic toward others and myself.

I learnt to trust the wisdom of my body. I am setting myself free from self-imposed limitations and restrictions. I feel more whole.

Edita has helped me unify all the layers of my life’s stories and my life long desire to grow and heal, and finally reach a place where synergy, union, and harmony feel real.

I’ve learnt to become non-negotiable with my commitment to myself. I’ve embraced that it’s my privilege and my responsibility to become who I AM.”

- Anne Jollymore | Burlington, Ontario


"Edita’s workshop Professionals Facing Stress & Anxiety was extremely eye-opening. I have been engaged in personal development and wellness practices for over 13 years and I learned things about my physiology and how the functioning of my nervous system contributes to my overall well-being that I had never heard before. Not only did I better understand myself by the end of the session, I better understood the people in my life, as well. I came away with a deeper compassion for myself and for my family members, my friends and the people I work with.

I would highly recommend Edita’s workshops, and really, working with Edita in any capacity. The combination of scientific expertise, integrity, generosity and deep care and compassion that she possesses is a rare treasure."

- Joanna Guerriere | Chief Creative Architect, Publishing Company, Toronto, Ontario 


"I want to express how much I benefited from Edita’s mindfulness coaching. I can honestly say that I have experienced noticeable positive change in my life including improved relationships and overall improved decision-making. Please allow me to connect the dots for you to better appreciate the compelling change for the better that can be achieved.

For me, I have already benefited from a heightened awareness of emotions and feelings, and the sense of peace and control achieved from such awareness. The ability to remove the self-imposed limitations on success in all relationships, and experience almost infinite compassion, is a real possibility now. 

I can see how achieving greater awareness of body and how emotions and feelings are felt, avails the control over the outcome of these emotions….how they are expressed….the ability to tactfully enforce your boundaries through more thoughtful and appropriate responses… ability to chill…no worries.

The opportunity to change the negative and limiting habitual emotional responses to thoughts and feelings is real. How could a person expect to be the best and happiest they could be without this self-awareness?"

- Ed Rogers, Burlington, Ontario


"Words that come to mind when I think of Edita and her work include: genuine, skilled, committed and honest. These are all crucial gifts that she brings to her interactions, and certainly ones that she shared with me during my coaching sessions. 

I sought out Edita as guide and mentor, to help me “re-view” and reconnect with the life I was living. She helped me enormously to do that; to see and feel the truth about my connection with the Universe and with myself. It’s hard to put into words the true value of that, but to me it is and was a great gift, one that I continue to integrate into my daily practice.

I know Edita could have chosen a mainstream career that would have yielded more material wealth and status. Instead, she has chosen to follow her heart and soul as a teacher and guide to those of us who have become a little (or a lot) lost in our own busyness, our own “doing”.

I recommend her without reservation to anyone who seeks help and guidance in “being”. Edita is an experienced and gifted life-teacher.” 

- Dr. Ed Hughes MB ChB MSc FRCS(C) |  Professor Emeritus, McMaster University


"Edita takes body wisdom and the importance of having a healthy nervous system to a deeper level.

Her workshops help you to truly become more aware of how and what your body is telling you. This knowledge is valuable for anyone, anywhere.

I highly recommend Edita and her workshops."

Mary Ryan | Burlington, Ontario

"Not only is the workshop and content helpful, but your energy and enthusiasm to be with us in the moment makes the session so much more meaningful for me. I noticed a shift for me yesterday.

Thank you for your amazing being, sense of humour, and your grace."

- Carla Stewart | Burlington, Ontario


"I am really grateful for attending Edita’s workshop on Understanding Emotions.

Edita is very passionate about what she does.

She is well organized, articulate, a strong communicator, and has a warm presence."

- Ian Thompson | Guelph, Ontario

"Edita is 100% engaging and honest. From the moment we met, she spoke genuinely from the heart. Her voice during meditation practice is soft yet strong and always creative.

Edita can read people intuitively and puts us at ease using humour and open vulnerability. Edita is a delightful teacher because she gives guidance in a deep, positive way that effects real and lasting change. "

- Andi Rogers | Lake Kennisis, Ontario

“Edita’s guidance was transformative. She provoked me to think in new ways, less ego-based and more grounded in self-compassion.

In a few sessions she taught me a great deal about living in healthier relationship with myself and others. I am learning to be guided through body awareness and to trust in my ability to forgive and let go. She also inspired confidence to realize my goals by creating timelines and offering practical suggestions as my accountability partner.

It is an honour and a privilege to work with someone as knowledgeable, inspiring, and caring as Edita, and I look forward to continuing this journey of self-discovery with her assistance.”

Marilyn Reaume, Stoney Creek, Ontario

“Your workshop on emotions was great! My biggest takeaways were the empathic practices (so key for me to learn how to deal with certain emotions)… and that emotions are “fluid”, and that no emotion is “bad”.

With raising a small family this will really help to make sure that I don’t project suppressing emotions, and allow my girls to “feel” all their feelings: anger, sadness, happiness, joy, etc.”

Brian Bedenikovic, Waterdown, Ontario

“I came across this note and it made me cry. I think about you when I read it. I have it saved. Thank you Edita!

“The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.”

Erica Nunes, Burlington, Ontario

Edita is a very kind & loving person who is very passionate about helping others. She has inspired me to get to the root of my emotions & really “feel” them.

She has given me tools to be more aware of what is causing me stress & anxiety; and how to find my way through to the other side. I am starting to look at life & its ups & downs from a different mindset and that’s very empowering!

I have tried a number of different specialists over the last couple of years to get to the bottom of my physical & emotional challenges but I have found by far the best results with Edita. Her follow up, encouragement and devotion to my health & happiness have made the world of difference. I look forward to seeing her each week!”

Andrea Seventikidis, Milton, Ontario

“I am finding your retreats absolutely calming and soothing my inner me. If I were to use the river analogy, I came to your event (twice) like a river going through the rapids…I am finding myself tangled in emotions and I feel my mind is constantly moving from one sad thought to another.

However, I left both retreats feeling like a river going through a peaceful and calm valley trusting that I am taking steps towards being happier, more content, and peaceful. Thank you.”

Kate Hlavnicka, Brampton, Ontario

“I don’t endorse anything I don’t love– and I LOVE Edita’s guided recordings. But be warned. You WILL get so relaxed you’ll probably fall into a deep, restful sleep and then not give a darn about your to-do list.”

Erika Lyremark, Author & Creator of The Glamorous Business Guidance

“Prior to attending Edita’s practice sessions there were times that I experienced anxiety, headaches and neck pain which I attributed to work related stress and anger.

Edita has provided me the tools through practice tips and group practices to deal with stress and anger – eliminating the physical ailments caused by these emotions.

I look forward to the calmness, peacefulness and relaxation that I often experience in attending Edita’s group sessions. I go away from the practice with the confidence that continuing with the sessions and practice tips will allow me to experience a more peaceful, healthy and fulfilling life.”

Barry Clarke, Lynden, Ontario

“The Awakening program’s recordings are beautifully done. I am grateful to have met you and been exposed to the quality of your work.

At bedtime every evening I listen to a recording; my mind gets calmed down after only a couple of minutes. There is no doubt I will be making use of these well into the future.”

Tracy William Mckim, Burlington, Ontario


“The beginning of your session yesterday will resonate with me forever. You spoke about how one can become stuck in the flight or fight mode losing all connection with innate ability to trust and just accept their current situation.

For over a year, I remained in that state fighting my body, losing sleep and eventually I slipped into depression. Finally, I am beginning to realize that I wasn’t broken and I am slowly beginning to find my way home.

I still have moments where my thoughts turn negative, I struggle with sleep, and my anxiety comes back. However, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and with your words I can turn back toward my authentic self.

Thank you for helping me and guiding me through this incredible journey called LIFE.

Kristen McIntyre, Oakville, Ontario



“Edita Atteck is a kind, nurturing, intelligent professional, who is dedicated to her own and other people’s wellness.

She has taught me so much, helped me in too many ways to mention. Her dedication to her profession is admirable, and I am blessed to have her in my life. Taking a journey with Edita, is to fulfil such important components of one’s life that go unattended.

I highly recommend Edita as a practitioner, meditation instructor, friend and mentor.”

Joanne VandenBrink, Burlington, Ontario