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Meditation classes/workshops for high-performers - Burlington, Waterdown, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton.

I specialize in helping established business owners, CEOs and leaders around the world to step into their inner power by guiding them to optimize their mindset, unlock their resilience, release limiting subconscious programming, maximize every aspect of their health and the health of their relationships, and ultimately impact the world around them.

The pressures of the bottom line, over-scheduled days may overshadow your larger vision, and make you feel fatigued. When you are running on empty already, actions that come from emptiness often do not produce the outcomes you wish for. What you really yearn for is reconnecting to your wholeness and your inner power. 

I can help you in three simple ways: through my book Awaken Your Inner Leader, through joining my FREE online community community for CEOs and leaders, Your Inner Power Matrix  (this is the best place to start), or through my private coaching program, Your Inner Power. If you would like to speak to me about any of my offerings, please call 1.905.617.3366 or contact me through email.


The learning has been exceptional; I credit Edita with her vast knowledge of the body’s response to stress from a physiological standpoint.

Krista Wright | Recruiting Concepts, Burlington, Ontario


Want to be financially successful but not at the cost of living a meaningful life.

Want to be healthy, handle stress and worry, and enhance your focus.

Value your resilience and clear thinking.

Want to manage your energy more effectively and feel more whole.
Believe in personal growth, creativity and a powerful mission in your life.


You were born to live a meaningful life. 



RESTORE, RECHARGE and RECONNECT workshop for heart-centred leaders

Feeling busy and pulled in many directions both at work and at home?

Do you crave being more focused, at ease and balanced?

Here is the thing: Managing your energy is the foundation of your resilience, the health of your relationships, and your overall well-being.

As a heart-centred professional, you work hard and you want to make a difference.  But you also want to feel peace, joy, and harmonious relationships. You want to feel present. And this is not very easy in our insanely busy and noisy world. Remember this: managing your energy is the key to your success.


Why practicing the return to your wholeness is essential for your strength and your well-being.

Why completing your stress cycles and aligning your thoughts/emotions/actions help prevent energy leakages.

Feeling your body, your energy, and observing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations

Reflecting how you can incorporate more efficient energy management into your day-to-day life.

Reconnecting with yourself, your heart, your visions, your big goals - in life and in business (you will use your notepad during this part).

Next scheduled date: Saturday, November 2, 2019, 9:30 - 2 PM in Burlington, ON

Sold out.  

 (***What's included: light, healthy lunch, notepad, your home practice assignment and these additional bonuses: copy of my book Awaken Your Inner Leader and a follow-up private session via phone scheduled after the workshop to help you stay on track) 

According to science, we humans are bio-psycho-social beings, meaning that we represent a powerful interconnection between our biology, psychology and socio-environmental factors.

This interconnection influences your health or illness, beliefs, and how you show up in your life. 

In this workshop, you will explore all aspects of your being: your body (including subtle, aware movement), your thoughts and emotions (through observation, reflection and discussions), your personal energy, as well as deepen your connection to yourself and to your greater mission in life.

If you want to take steps to claiming your inner power, this workshop is for you.

RESTORE the wholeness in your body and mind.

RECHARGE your energy.

RECONNECT with yourself, your heart, and your mission in life.

At the end of this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of why you may "leak energy". You will also go through a powerful exercise to identify what limiting beliefs you may be holding onto that make block you from achieving the next level of success or why you may self-sabotage. 

Why workshop environment is a great place to start?



When you learn how manage your energy, you

Will feel stronger, more focused & aware...

...allowing you to make better decisions... 

...and truly connect to your inner power.

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Meditation, mindfulness, visualization classes Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville

What People Are Saying...

experiencing a more peaceful, healthy and fulfilling life

Prior to attending Edita’s practice sessions there were times that I experienced anxiety, headaches and neck pain which I attributed to work related stress and anger.

Edita has provided me the tools through practice tips and group practices to deal with stress and anger - eliminating the physical ailments caused by these emotions.

I go away from the practice with the confidence that continuing with the sessions and practice tips will allow me to experience a more peaceful, healthy and fulfilling life.

-Barry Clarke |Lynden Ontario

Previously held workshops

Meditation classes in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Waterdown, Milton

 EMPOWERMENT workshop for heart-centred leaders

meditation classes for high-performers

Sessions For heart-centred leaders: 
Active Listening | Visualization | awareness | Subtle Movement | Mindfulness | Guided Meditation | Neurosensory Practices

Sessions are held in Burlington, ON in a small group environment.

Thursday, September 12, 2019.

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 PM. 

The topic we explore: Your thoughts and your inner power

You will practice tapping into all aspect of your intelligence; observing your feelings and thoughts. You will also practice gentle, aware movement to music, as well as explore the power of your imagery. The guided practices will allow you to soothe tension in your body, gain insights, feel more present and more whole. 

Soothe your nervous system, practice active listening, release racing thoughts, be part of a community, and gift yourself and those around you with a more present YOU.

Side effects may include: deep sleep following the practice, feeling more joy, creativity, belonging, and feeling more focused.

Invest in yourself by clicking on the link below:

NOTE: Please check your email within 48 hours of your payment via Paypal to make sure you receive further class details, including the location in Burlington.

Your payment holds the spot in the workshops and is non-refundablePre-registration is required.

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Do you want to feel more in charge when stressful events show up in your life?

When: TBA

Where: Burlington, Ontario

The Investment in Yourself: TBA 

Do you remember a recent argument or a conflict with your colleague or your family member?

Has it ever happened to you that when you dealt with a conflict, on the surface you may have appeared cool and collected, only to find that later on you kept revisiting the situation in your mind and struggled with tension in your body or experienced digestive issues?

In this 3 hour workshop you will gain appreciation of your “human operating system” and observe how it responds in the face of conflict or a stressful event.

You will practice conscious observation of what happens inside your body when:

  • You respond to something that your body interprets as stressful
  • You start releasing the stress response
  • You engage your relaxation response

In this workshop, the focus is on experiential practice to help you build a resilient system and experience flow.

RECOMMENDATION: In order to gain the most from this workshop, I recommend you attend at the very least 1 month of my evening empowerment classes prior to joining the workshop or engage in private sessions. Additionally, I recommend you read my book Awaken Your Inner Leader.

Invest in yourself by clicking on the link below:

NOTE: Please check your email within 48 hours of your payment via Paypal to make sure you receive further class details.

Your payment holds the spot in the classes and is non-refundable. Pre-registration is required.

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Do you want to make the vision of your future into reality?

2019 in Symbols, Colours, Feelings and Images.

To book a private workshop - Contact me.

I am inviting you to explore your creative potential and create your focus, vision, and your intention for the year (or the next few months) through:

  • allowing yourself to connect to all of the elements of your being
  • using your intellect to identify your goals, obstacles & needed resources
  • visualizing and connecting to the non-verbal wisdom of your body
  • creating a visual and a symbolic representation of what you want to create in your life
  • having a constant reminder of what you want to create during the year


Combining all elements of your intelligence, you will work on your vision for what we want to create in the next few years. You will chart, contemplate, sense what feels right or wrong, dream, plan, and eventually narrow your focus specifically to the new year. Then, you will paint your vision (or a word) on a small canvas. NO previous art experience is necessary.

This workshop is a powerful way to create your vision, and to focus on and follow your truth. Your creation will serve as a permanent reminder of what you want to create in your life. Remember that wherever your mind goes, energy follows.

This session will give you the opportunity to continue with a follow up workshop that will allow you to clearly focus on specific aspects of your vision, create an action plan, and a daily practice to help you make your vision into reality . 

WHO DO YOU WANT TO BECOME 12 months from now? 


vision for the year
vision for the year
vision board


Your Detailed Action Steps and Your Future Self

Do you want to make the vision of your future into reality?

Date Option #1: Sold out

Date Option #2: Sold out

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Become an active co-creator of your future through the power of your visualization & reprogramming your mind.

In this workshop, you will:

  • dive deep into your co-creative powers using all aspects of your intelligence including the power of your imagery.
  • gain more clarity of your vision.
  • identify blocks that may be holding you back. 
  • appreciate the gap between today and where you want to be a year from now. 
  • define your specific action steps. 
  • connect to your "future self", observe and reset  your inner dialogue.
  • walk away with an outline of your daily/weekly action steps and practice.

Please remember that your vision creation is a journey, a process, and a commitment to yourself. The workshop's goal is to give you a solid foundation for your journey.

What participants said:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the visualization practices as I was able to have mental clarity of the 4 main aspects of my life coming together and merging as one.

Compared to last year, I really feel that I will be able to reach most, if not all of my goals for the year.

I found the worksheets to be helpful in planning out my specific goals to each area of my life as well as each simple and small step that needs to be taken to achieve them." 

Secure your spot in the Vision Workshop - Action Steps by clicking on the link below:

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Your payment holds the spot in the classes and is non-refundable. Pre-registration is required. There is no pre-requisite for this workshop.

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