women entrepreneurs: Create an Identity

That matches the goals you want to achieve in your business and life.

Learn a total mindset mastery strategy from overcoming negative thoughts to recharging your energy to using your subconscious to create breakthrough results in your business and life.

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As a female CEO, you understand that YOU are your greatest asset and you are committed to investing in yourself. Through deep inner work, you want to take your mindset, resilience, emotional energy, relationships, and your business and life to a whole new level of freedom.


You are looking for a dynamic speaker for an audience of entrepreneurs and business owner that is open to learning about the transformative power of self-leadership, resilience, nervous system health, optimized mindset, and emotional mastery.

women entrepreneurs

"In this busy and harried world it is difficult to locate and embrace our inner wisdom and support. Edita Atteck’s book helps the overburdened professional do just that—to find the aware and confident guide within."

- Gabor Maté M.D. | Author, When The Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress

A comprehensive guide full of experiential exercises, Awaken Your Inner Leader is the book you want to have by your side to help you overcome stress, develop emotional mastery and create deeper and more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.

You Don't Need A New Mindset.

You need a new persona.

The biggest challenge an ambitious and visionary female entrepreneur has is what happens INSIDE HER MIND…and subsequently in her body.

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