9 tips to finding solutions to problems

Albert Einstein said: If I had an hour to solve a problem

I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

What are the steps you take when facing a challenge or a problem?

You may have noticed that life never stops surprising us with challenges or problems. At times, it may feel like solutions are not easy to find and we keep running in circles. 

I am sharing my 9 tips to approach problem solving that I apply when challenged to find a solution.  

Tip #1:

I connect with my body so I can literally think with my whole body.

Tip #2:

I ask myself if the problem is really mine to solve. This one, I believe, is really important.

Tip #3:

I stand back and look for ways to break the challenge into smaller chunks.

Tip #4:

If I feel stuck I will write down my assumptions and ask myself: Are they really true?

Tip #5:

I brainstorm and visualize. I even draw pictures or symbols.

Tip #6:

I look for metaphors by looking at any object around me (or in my mind) and asking: How is this object similar to my problem?

Tip #7:

I change my environment.

Tip #8:

I ask myself if I really believe I CAN. Our thoughts and beliefs have the capacity to sabotage our efforts!

Tip #9:

I always check in with my emotions and do my best to process them.

 I hope you can explore some of my tips. And now, I would love to hear from you. 

Thank you!