Success and the comfort zone

Success Happens Outside of Our Comfort Zone.

You may have heard the saying before.

Doesn't it sound counterintuitive? Why wouldn't success (and change) happen in the zone of ease?

Based on research, my experiences and experiences of many others who shared their stories with me, it is clear that we unconsciously seek comfort and familiarity. 


Because it feels safe.

Although we may not be aware of it, our nervous system is constantly scanning whether we are safe or not. This is simply
our evolutionary gift.

However, if we want change and transformation in our lives (whether it's to heal, grow, or succeed in life or business), we need to allow ourselves to break the old patterns of thinking and feeling that hold us back.  

In order to do that, we need to create new neural connections in our brain and in our entire nervous system.

Is it simple?

Reasonably, yes.

Is it easy and quick?

The answer is twofold: It becomes easier with practice, however, the results will not come quickly.

Has it ever happened to you that within a few seconds you instinctually feel that something is right for you... only 1 minute later you talk yourself out of it?

It's like a self-sabotage!

Our decision making and how they are related to success

Almost all of our decisions are made in our unconscious mind which is basically like a reservoir that exists outside of our awareness, and is made up of old memories, thought patterns, tendencies, stored feelings, beliefs, etc.). It comprises 95% + of our mind.

YES, only 5% of your mind is conscious!

In order to change your unconscious mind, you need to create new experiences and with that, new neural connections in your brain, that will overlay onto your old memories and experiences. 

The emphasis here is: new experiences; internally and externally.

The amazing news is that science tells us that neuroplastic changes in our nervous system is possible and available to us until the moment we die. 

However, for that, you need to make a conscious decision to be committed to change in your life, and yes, to step outside of your comfort zone. 

The best way you can do this is with the support of another human being (because we are social animals) who is personally dedicated to practicing the same, is able to guide others, and is someone you feel safe with.

 How do you create new experiences and/or overcome resistance? 

With love,