How is your sleep?

How is your sleep these days?

We face an enormous influx of information, though we think it's normal because we are so used to it.

Daily emails, new procedures at work, books on self-help, parenting …or life in distant galaxies, and not to forget our exposure to often frightening news! We have hundreds of thoughts floating in our mind at any given time without even realizing it.

I cannot even tell you how many friends and clients tell me that one of the greatest obstacles to their sleep at night is being stuck in their thoughts.

Perhaps you have no problems with sleep because you are a natural at this or have a really good prescription medicine.

Be honest. Has this ever happened to you?

You are comfortably lying in your bed hoping to have a restful night. You close your eyes, tuck under your soft blanket and you are ready to enter dreamland. All of a sudden you notice that you are going from one thought to another, wishing the thoughts would go away...but they don't.

Just the other day, one of my dear clients told me that she couldn't believe the ease and good sleep she experienced after she followed some of simple steps we practiced during one of our private sessions.

Isn't it ironic? Simple is often challenging for us!

Additionally, neuroscience tells us that our thoughts evoke our emotional states. Imagine the myriad of emotional energy bursting open inside our bodies. Except, there is a challenge.

Most people do not know how to consciously connect to or experience their emotions. And that's why coping strategies become the norm in our daily life. Some of them include eating more than your stomach needs, gaming or watching TV until you feel numb to anything, daydreaming for hours, shopping although you may not need the items, drinking a little more wine or beer....etc?

Although emotions don't have such a great reputation (how many times you heard of someone being ‘too emotional’?), emotions are real because they already exist in our bodies.

Simply notice right now what thoughts are in your mind. Feel free to name them or even write them down. Also notice, what you feel emotionally right now. Where do you feel it?

Slowing down and noticing what is, is the first step to improved health, vitality, and a good night's sleep.

With love,