Feeling frustration in the projects of our lives

Feeling frustration is part of many projects in our lives.

What do you do when things don't go as smoothly as you hoped?

You know those moments when you are, perhaps, in the middle of a project (whether it's in life or business) and the next milestone is so close you can taste it... and yet, no matter how much effort you put in, you are not moving forward because you are waiting for someone else's input or for them to do their part.

Moments like these feel like we are cruising smoothly, enjoying the ride, and seeing further and further ahead…but something or someone pushes our foot on the brake pedal.

How do we move forward?

  • Acknowledge the facts
  • Always, always process your feelings. It's like decluttering so you have more freedom
  • Communicate without blame - be honest with yourself and others
  • Identify any losses and let go. Don't get stuck in the story of how much work you may          have "wasted". Consider it a gift from your past self that you can let go of
  • Believe that you will figure it out and look to the future
  • Open up to new creative solutions. They will not be perfect and that's okay.

Inner mastery is a process that is so worthwhile - for our health, for our relationships, for how we show up in the world and for our self-leadership.

With love,