Small, turtle steps can pay off in a big way

Small, turtle steps can lead to powerful journeys.

Sometimes we need to take a leap into the unknown; or take a really big step. But for the most part, I believe in the incredible value of small, turtle steps.

I took my big step when I decided to make Canada my home, even though I didn't speak English at the time. Actually, that was a humongous step!

Can you recall a time in your life when you took a big step?

If so, thank yourself for having the courage to do so; regardless of how you judge the outcome of that step today.

 As I am reflecting on my own journey, I know that what I achieved to this day was due to thousands and thousands of turtle steps.

It all started with a vision - mainly a desire - and a commitment to continuously grow and evolve.

These turtle steps are in fact very similar to the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Kaizen (Japanese for improvement) creates a way of living that embodies continuous improvement.

How do you apply turtle steps into your life and growth?

How can you take small daily steps toward something special in your life?

With love,

P.S. Watch this short video to get more insights and inspirations on the power of turtle steps.