Why difficult is the new easy

When I wrote difficult, I meant 'difficult conversations'.

Have you ever watched the original Matrix movie with Keanu Reeves?

A few days ago, I re-watched the movie. A big part of me was really looking forward to the specific moment when Neo, the main hero, is being offered the choice of his life: taking the red pill or the blue pill. I could feel the tension in his body… especially in his face, his internal struggle, but I could also taste his determination to choose the truth instead of living in the prison of his mind.

I actually imagined myself sitting in that chair; not in the movie version but in the real-life version.

In the movie, as you may know, Morpheus, who is one of the main characters who is fighting for freeing humans from the machines of Matrix, says:

“After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill and the story ends and you will wake up in the morning and you believe whatever you want to believe. If you take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Now, the biggest part of this decision was that once Neo would choose the red or the blue pill, the choice was irreversible.

A pretty powerful moment, right?

In our lives, as high performers and leaders, we also choose our metaphorical pills. However, what I believe is that many make this choice unconsciously.

For me personally, the red pill, in its big picture, represents a life of self-inquiry, search for freedom and truth, knowledge, the pursuit of my mission, activism, breaking down my old patterns, and creating the future version of myself.

But at the same time, this choice means that I am willing to face major challenges, discomfort, uncertainty without losing my values. The blue pill, on the other hand, represents to me numbing pain and discomfort, unwillingness to see old patterns or even to discover them in the first place…and unwillingness to commit to our deep inner work.

Technically, to me, it means falling into the Matrix of a deeply materialistic, and yes, also very disconnected world.

But there are also those mini red and blue pills in our lives.

This brings me to carving out one specific topic: our CAPACITY to engage in DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS.

And to be honest, I've had a few of these difficult conversations lately in my life. These are the ones that feel really challenging and uncomfortable and life may be simply so much easier, on the surface, if we could only avoid them.

Having worked with both male and female leaders, I have noticed that even the most accomplished high-performers will, generally speaking, tackle difficult conversations at work, but will avoid them in their personal relationships. At times, it's the other way around.

Uncomfortable conversations bring us closer to our truth. And when done with integrity, they can actually significantly strengthen our relationships.

So my message in this video to you today: invest in your difficult conversations, whether in your workplace or personal life. Take that little red pill consciously.

And the emphasis here is consciously choosing and trusting that you have the internal capacity to lead and engage in a difficult conversation.

Last but not least: What does the RED and BLUE pill represent for you in your life — personal life and in your business?

And which one do you choose?

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Thank you and have an amazing day!