Who do you want to be?

Has it ever happened to you that you set out a goal, a vision, or a plan to get to the next level in your career or your business, or to accomplish something important... but it didn't happen; despite all your effort, your vision, or your action steps. 

You may have even experienced self-doubts and even self-sabotage. Sound familiar?

In today’s video post I am exploring the question:

Who do you want to BE?

And let me share with you the inspiration for today’s video...So, only a few days ago, I spoke t one of my long-term private coaching clients.

As an entrepreneur, he decided to explore an additional entrepreneurial avenue. He invested time and money into his new project, prepared spreadsheets and made numerous calculations, projections and preparations.

He has also done a significant amount of training and had a business coach. He contacted prospective clients and received lots of interest and many qualified leads.

He finally reached the stage of sales discussions but quickly realized that something was off. He has done all the prep work one can possibly think of but he “failed” in his sales conversations.

He felt he was sabotaging himself in these conversations and he couldn’t quite figure out why this happened.

Now this is just a simple example of someone experiencing this scenario in their business. But there are many possible variations of this example in life – ranging from personal life… to career changes, to running a business.

To be honest, I was not immune to this experience myself and I've also worked with clients who were puzzled by a very similar experience.

When I reviewed, analyzed and experientially understood the problem, I firmly concluded that one of the main reasons why we don't reach what we plan out is that we don't ask ourselves this one question:

Who do I NEED to BE in order to accomplish this?

Next, is the question that the Roman philosopher Epictetus asked in The Art of Living:

Who do I exactly WANT to BE?

How do I need to think, feel, act, be -- in order to have the inner power to accomplish my goals?

I am inviting you to ask yourself these very questions.


Truthfully, everything starts with our inner work.

When we work toward our goals and things are not happening, we need to look deep inside.

Yes, we may need to change our tactics and strategies, but I believe that our answers more often than not, lie deep inside us.

  • We need to look inside our deepest fears.
  • We need to examine our physiology because our old patterns of behaviour  are often stuck deep inside our bodies, not just our minds.
  • We need to find a way to unblock what’s holding us back.
  • We need to come to an alignment and believe deep inside that what we are doing, saying and feeling, all come together as one.

These questions seem simple...but the process of exploring them can be a lengthier one. And very often, we are so close to our own thinking and generally our own “stuff”, that it’s harder for us to see deeper within ourselves.

That’s why I also believe that we need the presence of another person who can listen to our thoughts, who witnesses our body language, who feels our energy, who can interrupt our patterns... to help us find our truth.

So yes, it does happen that sometimes our goals and visions are logically and strategically laid out...but we, deep inside, haven’t caught up with these outer goals.

Exploring the question: Who do I want to be?  has also helped me to make bold changes in my business and prepare offerings for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who want to claim their inner power. It took deep inner work on my part too, to have my body, thoughts, feelings, actions to become a harmonious unit.

I would also love to share with you that one of my next scheduled workshops for high-performers is Restore, Recharge and Reconnect.

This workshop lays the foundation for our inner work. It will be held on Saturday, September 28, 2019, in Burlington. In this workshop, I'll walk you through the steps to:

1. Restore your equilibrium (body and mind).

2. Recharge your energy.

3. Reconnect with yourself and your mission in life.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

And let me leave you with this... Seriously, ask yourself: 

Who do you want to be?

Remember that YOU are your greatest asset.

Invest in yourself, first.